You Can’t Have Me

GIVIN’ YOU SHADE MMM… LOOK AT ME HEY DADDY CAUGHT YOU LIKE THIS? THIS IS HOW I LIKE IT ★ ★ ★ November 2017 Creative Direction / Photography: Cheianna Wilson Model / Styling / Hair / MUA: Sheri McCelland

Happy Go Lucky

WATCH ME WALK STOP HUBBA HUBBA PERSONAL RELAX I’M NOT SWIMMING? BE MY BABY I’LL GIVE YOU SHADE ★ ★ ★ November 2017 Creative Direction: Cheianna Wilson Photography: Cheianna Wilson Styling & Hair: Sheri McCelland


For a quiet young girl from the Sunshine Coast, she’s got a loud mind full of music and art- with looks that could kill.  FEEL THE HEAT THE WAY THE BRUSH MOVES THAT FACE PINK, ALWAYS ART OF READING ★ ★ ★ January 2017 Creative Direction / Styling / Photography: Cheianna Read more…

What Hasn’t Shaped Me

For me, a young Australian woman, the delayed discovery of my Aboriginal heritage was very surprising, and had great significance upon my artistic practice. It was this transformative news that triggered the photographic project What Hasn’t Shaped Me. My aim was to convey my cultural heritage and how I had Read more…