To transmogrify; is to alter the appearance or form, especially in a strange or grotesque manner. ‘Wax On Wax Off’ depicts this formal term through a series of denim sculptures and 3D wax drawings. Multiple deductive processes were applied to a selection of denim garments. They were then transmogrified to balancing structures through an additive practice incorporating wax. By eroding large portions of fabrics this created a preeminence of negative space in this planar material. The remains were then manipulated and molded to create vigorous structural shapes that provided a disparate connotation. The excess material provided a foundation for a second pieces in the body of work. This entailed the liquid wax melting colourful patterns uon the denim panels to transform the mundane material into a visually appealing painting.

3D Media and Processes Independent Project 2016 Final



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