Let us take a moment to appreciate this skirt. It was $25 from Kinki Gerlinki, a small Melbourne boutique in Brunswick. Amazing right? I would also like it in purple and red ASAP. At first I was confused as to what I would wear with it and then I realised I could wear it with almost anything. It is a statement piece, therefore you could chuck it on with a black basic tee and a silver necklace and be done with it. I however opted for a more edgy approach (as always) and paired it with my trusty vintage Floyd tee that I so carefully DIY’d.  I can’t wait to style this baby a lot more different ways.

I wore this outfit to QUT Fashion Society Launch last week. I also was lucky enough to cover their event for Fashion Hub Queensland so you can read about it →→ here!

Here are my nine little steps on how to create your own cut-out choker tee.


Find a cool, vintage tee (in fact find multiple basic tees as well that you don’t want anymore because you’re going to need a couple of practice ones).


Put the shirt on and use chalk to measure how low you want it to be the middle.


Take it off and put a pin where you left the mark, this is to ensure that when you turn it inside out you’ll see this mark.


Use a ruler and the chalk to measure how far along the neckline you want the cut to go


Fold the tee in half and cut along the line you made and having it folded in half should guarantee that your lines will be even. BUT fear not, this doesn’t have to be a perfect cut. Once you start to stretch it to your desired fit (coming up soon) it will change the cut anyway.


Don’t forget when cutting along the neck line you need to be careful about getting to close to the seem. If you accidentally cut this it will unravel.


Remove the triangle from the tee and pop the shirt on.


You may need to stretch the cut out carefully, this can make it more like your desired fit. This part is really all about how you want it too look. Some girls make the entire front visible (inspired by Kendall Jenner’s look)- it’s up to you. You might want to even skip this step. If you stretch it a little to much, try ironing it all back down this tends to tighten it. I did this with mine and now I love the look of it.


Own it. Style it with whatever and wear it over and over again.

Outfit details:


LIPS // Kylie Cosmetics (liner), MAC (lipstick)

TOP // Vintage

SKIRT // Kinki Gerlinki

SHOES // Famous Footwear

CLUCH // Mimco

POM POM // Sportsgirl

JEWELLERY DETAILS // Pandora (bangle & rings), Olivia Burton (watch), Samantha Wills (marble ring), Lovisa (earings)

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I’ll keep you up to date with what the QUT Fashion Society has in store…

Love, Cheianna Jade xx