This is probably the only time you’ll see me in a completely monochrome outfit. My outfit this week is completely different to what I shared with you all last time. I was heading to an interview at uni and wanted something that showed I was serious about the position but showed my creative side also. I thought the fun geometric pattern on these culottes paired with this choker shirt expressed this perfectly. I obviously didn’t want to go crazy with my makeup, hair or jewellery as I wanted to look professional.  I ended up tying my hair up just before I arrived because it was HAWT in Brisbane this day.

My (universal) tips for anyone going to an interview:

✿ Always get there early so you’re not running around stressing about the time. Beforehand when you think you can do your makeup in 30 minutes give yourself at least an hour. ✿

✿ Always work out your outfit the night before. ✿

✿ Be creative with your outfit, like mine it can be sophisticated but still portray creative professionalism. ✿

✿ Come prepared with answers to all sorts of questions, you don’t want to be thrown off. ✿

✿ Remember important facts about yourself that you’re going to say when they ask THE question, “tell us a little bit about yourself”. You need to cater this to whoever your interview is with / job role it is for… ✿

✿ Regardless of what kind of interview you’re attending always have your portfolio with you. I have an academic one with my certificates and achievements, as well as a creative one that has my published & unpublished work that I’m proud of (as well as some university assessment). The reason for this is that even though they might not have any knowledge or interest in fashion but it shows how dedicated you are and that you’re worth investing in due to your hard work. ✿


TOP // Valleygirl

PANTS // Rose Bullet Label 

SHOES // Famous Footwear

JEWELLERY DETAILS // Pandora (bangle & rings), Olivia Burton (watch), Samantha Wills (marble ring and earings)


Good luck with getting that job gals!

Love, Cheianna Jade xx