Twenty things I’ve learned by my 20th birthday. 

You need to be able to talk yourself up. You have tried SO hard, for SO long to get where you are. You need to start acknowledging this credit appropriately.

(Similarly) Don’t be ashamed/embarrassed of what you’re interested in or passionate about.

Continuously learn.

Aim to inspire.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fashionable/trendy/awesome-f*cking clothes.

You will always miss your family (I’m talking LOTS) when you move out of home, so stay there as long as possible.

Go to your lectures because you won’t watch the recording. On the odd chance that you do, you will skip through it and not learn anything. If you physically sit in the lecture, you will force yourself to write notes.

Pitbull has THE BEST music for working out. I repeat, THE BEST.

On that note… always work out. You will feel better. Bad mood? Feeling stressed? Work out.

Spending five dollars for five packets of soup at Woolworths is cool.

It is ok to cry yourself to sleep over stress and confusion. After releasing these toxins from your body, your pain will be relieved. It’s science ladies and you will feel better in the morning (despite your puffy eyes).

Check your emails everyday.

Go to as many (for me – fashion) events as possible. This will increase your knowledge and inspire you.

If you can’t afford to go – volunteer at as many events as possible. This will increase your skills and contact list.

You don’t have to go out every weekend to be social. You can maintain good friendships, while still spending the entire weekend in front of your laptop in the library.

You will realise who are your true friends.

Keep in touch with your friends from uni as they will (usually) have similar interests as you, potential contacts in the field or be able to help you with assessment.

Get your vegetables from the markets it is cheaper.

Time is precious.

Put effort into everything you do because you are still learning and growing. No one knows what they’re supposed to be doing when they’re twenty, but if you take it one day at a time you will soon have a sure idea.

Outfit details:

BRA // Wolf & Whistle from ASOS (has removable straps!!)

TOP // Valleygirl 

SKIRT // Cue (on sale for $20!!)

SHOES // Famous Footwear

NAILS // Sportsgirl (literally $3)

JEWELLERY DETAILS // Pandora (bangle & rings), Marc Jacobs (watch)

Sneak look at my birthday presents…hehe


CLUTCH // French Connection

NECKLACE // Prouds

My beautiful best friend Belinda and myself with an extremely strong, delicious and expensive alcohol bowl from Alfred and Constance.


Thankyou to all my family and friends who made my birthday amazingly memorable and spoilt me silly. I’m forever grateful.

Love, Cheianna Jade xx