Now that St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival has wrapped up its 2017 Australian tour, I’m back with a little review. Here in Brisbane, the festival landed on Australia Day, thus it was a scorcher. Despite the heat, us Aussies dressed up (or dressed down for that matter) and made our way to the Brisbane Showgrounds in search of hearing our favourite GOY classic or Tash Sultana’s ‘Jungle’. Being the photography enthusiast I am, I intended on taking a lot of footage from this day. BUT, I forgot my portable charger AND my bestie’s GoPro SD card was full. So unfortunately half of these photos aren’t mine, but I’ve credited each image and linked the rightful owners.

Incredible image by Jack Bennet from Life Without Andy.

 ★ DRESS // Cotton On only $30 ★

★ MESH TEE // Bardot on sale for $15 ★

So happy I picked up these two pieces for the festival. Each were incredibly cheap AND can be worn dressed up for a night out, as well as during the day at a festival. The slip dress was comfortable in regards to the weather as it had a thin lining removing the need to sweat.

★ GLASSES // ASOS only $24 ★

★ SHOES // The Iconic $130 down to $65 ★

I’ve rallied up some of the most popular fashion trends I noticed around the Brisbane festival grounds.  Band tees weren’t insanely over worn as at previous festivals, but they weren’t put to rest, lets just say that. I honestly thought I would see more fish nets too? However this is what my little fashion mind remembered from the day…

★ YELLOW AVIATORS ★ Jack Bennet / Life Without Andy.

Even I jumped on this band wagon, how could I not? So effortless.

★ CHAIN BRAS ★ @christie_nicole

All you little girls out there with your itty-bitty-titties better feel lucky you didn’t sweat one bit this day, that’s all I have to say.

★ GLITTER OVERDOSE ★ Jack Bennet / Life Without Andy.

Girls, boys, legs, beards, [almost] EVERYONE and their EVERYTHING was covered in glitter. The reasoning behind whether or not, the ‘glitter-goers’ were creating a genuine fashion statement or simply reveling in parody, is very debatable. I did however love the look I spotted on some girls, with glitter in their hair part.


Now I remember writing this one in my notes on the day, BUT now the time has come to find an image of the piece it was a struggle. I did however find this one of the gorgeous Newsha Syeh at the Earth Core festival. Girls had these dainty, colourful wraps around their chest, waist and hips. This was a trend I honestly didn’t see coming!

★ IRIDESCENT SEQUINS ★ @rocky_barnes

Saw this exact playsuit on a fair few ladies this day, yet again NO PHOTOS TO PROVE. Ya’ll believe me right? I was going to pick up something like this for Splendour last year but could only find this or the halterneck version and neither really spoke to my body shape.

★ Glass Animals ★ receive my favourite act award.

★ Tash Sultana ★ for being as amazing as expected.

★ GL ★ best newly discovered act for myself.


Thankyou for reading and supporting me on my creative journey, it means the world.

Love, Cheianna Jade xx