Having recently just moved into an apartment with my best friend in Brisbane I thought I would share the pretty details. Interior decorating is beyond fun! Don’t get me wrong – styling clothes is my top priority but adding that square cushion with those European covers is also a good time.  Coming from a beautifully coloured room at my family home, it was nice to strip back the colour for my next adventure and focus on the details. I wanted to make the move in order to save money and time, driving back and forth to university non-stop at unthinkable hours of the morning. Thus, this room is going to provide a place for intense study and planning my future. My colour scheme for this room is simple white, black and rose gold (with of course colour pops from books, pictures and accessories). I couldn’t believe how many rose gold home decor pieces there were in the world. My favourite items would have to be the dainty unicorn ring holder, tall touch lamp right behind it or the round clock! If you don’t want to spend money changing all your whole bedroom *insert DIY tree and owl jewellery holder that are located on the top of my bookshelf*. Simply spray paint silver/white items with rose gold or copper paint and they’ll look as good as new!


Thankyou for reading and supporting me on my creative journey, it means the world.

Love, Cheianna Jade xx


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