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If you love any sorta street art then you’ll luv this post & more importantly Hosier Lane in Melbourne.

When Mum and I were wondering around the streets after viewing the 200 Years of Australian Fashion exhibition (see pictures here) we stumbled across this colourful alleyway. Strong emphasis on stumbled as I quite literally couldn’t walk properly… (I had a rant in my previous post so I’m not going to repeat myself) It was a sight and a half. Imagery from every angle. I thought it was pretty darn wicked until we ran into a couple getting their wedding photos taken and then I thought it was actually quite beautiful as well. I can’t even begin to imagine the photographs they’ll have hanging in their house – I’m gobsmacked. I really enjoyed how not only the walls were covered but everything in the surroundings were too. The textures created were astounding. Overall it was an amazing experience and I highly recommend if you’re heading to Melbourne to have a look!

One more thing… Let us have a moment of silence for this Greek fisherman’s hat that I found at the Queen Victoria Markets. I’ve been searching for one for a while now but this one tops them all – quite literally as it has padding.  It is perfect and hasn’t left my head since I brought it. Thankyou Melbourne. It matches my entire wardrobe and will most likely appear in every second fashion post from now on, I apologise in advance. I picked up one in brown and stripes also, which I probably won’t wear as much but I’ll find it some time to shine no doubt! Now I’ll leave you to have a scroll through, while I get back to my honey and lemon water.

DSC_7519 (2)sparks

DSC_7515 (2)sparks

DSC_7548 (2)sparks

DSC_7494 (2)sparks

DSC_7490 (2)sparks

DSC_7500 (2)sparks

DSC_7546 (2)sparks

DSC_7543 (2)sparks

DSC_7501 (2)sparks

DSC_7480 (2)sparks

DSC_7475 (2)sparks

DSC_7493 (2)sparks

DSC_7528 (2)sparks

DSC_7529 (2)sparks

DSC_7482 (2)sparks

DSC_7516 (2)sparks

DSC_7523 (2)sparks

DSC_7485 (2)sparks

DSC_7534 (2)sparks

DSC_7539 (2)sparks

DSC_7530 (2)sparks

DSC_7484 (2)sparks

DSC_7507 (2)sparks

DSC_7532 (2)sparks

DSC_7535 (2)sparks

Melbourne is a magnificent place with many incredibly pretty things to see.  I hope you enjoyed my mini series as much as I enjoyed shooting it. I’ll be back very soon,



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