Around this time last year my friends and I squished ourselves into an old, semi-broken commodore (no offence Riley), to head on a road-trip we’d never forget. We made our way through Brisbane, Byron Bay, Coffs Harbour and Newcastle to end up at the Maitland Showgrounds for the Groovin’ the Moo music festival.  It is safe to say we had an absolute blast but this year our plans didn’t run as smoothly.  My mum, Sadie came to the rescue though and suggested an amazing alternative for the two of us: on Friday 22nd her and I were off to Melbourne!  Neither of us had been for years so excitement filled the air (literally).  There were two main attractions down in Victoria that we were interested in viewing, these included the Andy Warhol | Ai Weiwei gallery and the 200 Years of Fashion exhibition.   It ended up being one of THE best weekends ever…  full of fashion, art, coffee and some serious mother-daughter bonding. The weather was good to us and so were the sales ($$$) – no complaints were made, except for on Sunday when we had to bail.  All rhymes aside, it was pretty darn good.  I’ve created a visual diary of our trip for ya’ll to have a look through. Enjoy!





DSC_7218 (2)sparks

‘Forever Bicycles’ – Warhol 2011

DSC_7228 (2)sparks

‘Campbell’s Soup Cans’ – Warhol 1962

DSC_7246 (2)sparks

DSC_7235 (2)sparks

‘Three Marilyns’ – Warhol 1962

DSC_7232 (2)sparks


‘Self Portrait No.9’  – Warhol 1986

DSC_7322 (2)sparks

‘Silver Clouds’ – Warhol 1996

DSC_7269 (3)

DSC_7270 (2)

Untitled-1bbDSC_7273 (2)sparls

‘With Flowers’ – Weiwei 2013-15 and ‘Flowers’ – Warhol 1970


DSC_7283 (2)

‘Screentest’ – Warhol 1960s

DSC_7262 (2)sparks

‘Hanging Man’ – Weiwei 1985

DSC_7300 (2)sparks

DSC_7326 (2)

‘Myths: Mickey Mouse’ – Warhol 1981

DSC_7327 (2)


‘Electric Chair’ – Warhol 1967 (top) and ‘Study of Perspective’ – Weiwei 1995-2011 (bottom)

DSC_7277 (2)sparks

DSC_7280 (2)

‘Grapes’ – Weiwei 2011

DSC_7291 (2)

DSC_7290 (2)

‘Trace’ – Weiwei 2014


I’ll catch’ya on the flip-side (aka Sunday) with part 2 of my Melbourne journey!


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