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This may come as a surprise but, I am alive and well. I have just been a tiny, bit busy. My holidays consisted of; counting money – to earn money, three school assignments (one of which was actually completed), driving around in my Beetle, and socialising. I definitely didn’t make it to the beach, as much as I probably should have. Especially with formal looming and my skin lacking vitamin D, it is still on my to-do list. I made it today’s mission, to kill two birds with one stone though. There I sat under the sun, reading Othello trying to understand the Shakespearean language. This may, or may not have been the reason why I fell asleep… On a much happier note though, can we just pause and admire the absolute awesome-ness of these jeans.

When General Pants Co. has a sale, they do not disappoint.  These Evil Twin, ‘roughed up boyfriend’ jeans were only $50 and if that does not excite you… I don’t know what would? They are a loose fit, so this belt was a must-have. Another thing to remember when styling these jeans is that, they will look one hundred times more flattering with a fitted top. If the top is basic, you’ll be able to play around with different colours, textures and patterns, as I’ve done.

Cheianna Jade x

Wearing: Tony Bianco sandals / Evil Twin jeans / Dotti kimono


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