My wardrobe for Italy was a little like this article in Cleo magazine. I started with basic, comfy jeans. I found mine from Rivers and in the storage boxes underneath my bed. Then I sat down with my itinerary in hand and constructed outfits.

Originally, I bought this beautiful Designer Studio red coat, specifically for the trip. I automatically envisioned myself wearing it, in front of the Leaning Tower. My plans soon went downhill when I found a very cute, hot pink, practical snow coat from Rivers. When I say practical I’m referring to the miniature palm-size bag it went in. From this moment on I had created a colour palette.


I basically went on from here finding thermals, shirts, scarfs and shoes which fitted my criteria.  Keep in mind that I also packed matching socks, undergarments and bought things along the way, this was basically my closet for the month.


And a few fancy pieces for evenings spent out on the town…


In my situation, I was entering a month of Winter weather.. but you could use this method of packing for any occasion.

Cheianna Jade x


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