1. Relaxing with a piña colada on Christmas Day. 2. Indulging in a juice from Your Place.


3. Bought myself some beautiful, Italian Prada Candy perfume! 4. Chicken, pomegranate and goats cheese salad from Grill’d.


5. Charlotte and I tried a carrot, beetroot, celery, ginger and apple drink in Caloundra.


7. Dining in at Your Place again 8. Sweet Viva La Juicy perfume and a Bowerbird & Fox bag just to sooth my cravings


9. Glancing at my music tickets for the year, I became a little bit overwhelmed and very excited!  10. Not to mention buying another pair of shoes, which in my defence, were incredibly cheap.. I’m ready to step into this new year with a huge smile on my face!

@Cheiannajade x