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Wearing: Kmart boots| Ally jeans | Supre shirt | Vintage jewelry and bralette

Very happy to say that I’ve officially finished term 3 of grade 11! Not entirely sure how well I went during exam block, but I’ve just got to hope for the best. I know I’ve been distant with ya’ll lately and to be honest… nothing too exciting has happened since we’ve last spoken. I’ve spent so much time revising for school (which I know, sounds more appealing than it actually was), that I haven’t really been dressing in anything other than my home wear, pajamas or gym attire.

I have work tomorrow so I best be off, but I’m going to fit in some reading first. We’ve been set  a book called, ‘Looking For Alibrandi’, by Melina Marchetta, in English for over the holidays. I’ve heard it’s quite good, so I’m a little eager to get started. Sleep tight!

Cheianna Jade 


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