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Wearing: Novo heels || Miss Shop leather skirt || Vintage long sleeve || Ripcurl hat

Morning everyone! Hope you are all doing fantastic and ready for the weekend.  Mum and I are heading to Brisbane soon to go to the bank, so that should keep me out of trouble on this dreary Sunny Coast day.

I first spotted these heels online at Polyvore, I was making a fashion set featuring a very similar black leather skirt – fancy that. It was when my bestfriend showed them to me in the store, when I really fell in love though. Now I know you hear me say ‘fell in love’ and ‘adored’ to my shoe collection  alot, but ya’ll know shoes are always going to be there for you when you’re in need, so I definitely mean what I say.  This vintage top unfortunately doesn’t have a label as it was from an opp shop. The skirt however was from Myer’s Miss Shop on Sale for $30.00, bargain!

Cheianna Jade ♡ 


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