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Wearing: Windsor Smith shoes || Angels jeans || Dotti singlet || Diva glasses

I come with good news everyone, this morning I completed my English in-class essay! It may not seem like good news to you, but man am I happy to get it off my chest. I’ve been in such a ‘holiday mood’ lately… all I feel like doing is reading fashion magazines, drinking tea and drawing. Although this mood has put me in a relaxing or more so lazy state, I spent last night with my Mum at the gym which made me really energized and happy. I woke up at six this morning excited, sore and ready for today’s exam.

On the weekend my family and I went for a walk to take some photographs for my art assignment. We came across this tree with beautiful flowers and decided to make use of it in an outfit post! I may look a little dressed up just for ‘walking in the streets’ but beforehand we went to the plaza so I could get my fringe cut and some new jeans for winter!

Best of luck with your exams (or multiple hard in-class essays in my case)!  You’ll here from me on Saturday :D

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