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Andrea to the left of me- the birthday girl!


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“I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet” – Carrie Bradshaw 

It was my best friend’s 16th birthday last Wednesday so on Friday night she had a cute birthday dinner to celebrate. We had a lovely meal, took 100 photos, chatted away and ate sweets till our tummies exploded. It was just at her house but what more do you need for an excuse to get dressed up! I decided to go for a little more of an 80’s look with what I wore. Some of the girls referred my outfit to something they had seen of The Carrie Diaries which was exciting, also funny because I was even wearing my Sarah Jessica Parker perfume…such a coincident! If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen this new show, it’s on channel 108 on Austar. It’s about Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City when she was younger, best show!

This ruffled, strapless, short dress (that I scored from an opp shop) was blending in behind all my other black dresses when I went to raid my cupboard one afternoon. I thought it would be perfect for the occasion! I added some neon pink, Lovisa jewels, Siren heels and two crazy belts. Considering the rain was pouring down it was quite warm inside, so this dress was nice and cool. No bag was needed in my case because I had nothing to put in it haha. If I was leaving the house though, then I would’ve taken with me, either my quilted Channel bag, or spiked small bag from Collette.

Post’s will be back on track from now on.. as I think, I’ve got a hold on grade eleven *sighs of relief*. I also recently purchased a new camera, which will make my photos more appealing and photo-shoots more fun!

Have a good day!


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